Newborn photography captures the first few weeks of a newborn baby’s life. These photographs are often taken in the comfort of the home during those first few sleep-filled days.
Newborn photographers have a keen eye for capturing the delicate details of a new life: the curl of a tiny hand, the soft downy hair, or the wrinkled toes.

In addition to being incredibly cute, these photographs serve as an important record of a major life event.
For parents, they can be a cherished reminder of those early days spent snuggling and learning about their new bundle of joy. Newborn photos can also serve as family heirlooms and keepsakes for grandparents.
Newborn photography can also help to document a baby's growth and development. By tracking changes from one photo session to the next, parents can see how their child is growing and evolving over time.

what is the Ideal Age for a Newborn Photoshoot?

Sabrina does a very limited number of sessions per month. Since she becomes fully booked 2-3 months in advance, it’s advised that you book as soon as possible. The date of your session can be adjusted based on your baby’s arrival.


Newborn photos are best taken 7-21 days after birth. During this time, your little one is still small and sleepy, making it easier to rearrange the set and the baby’s poses.



Many photographers specializing in newborn photography use props and special lighting techniques to create unique photos.

You can choose from a complete selection of props, wraps, bonnets, blankets, and other accessories that will bring your vision to life.


Sabrina Baxter Photography can do the shoot in your home for comfort and convenience. Sabrina treats babies as if they were her own, giving the utmost care and attention to their needs and body language.

Why Work with Sabrina Baxter Photography

Sabrina Baxter Photography provides top-notch photography services. We have the experience and equipment to produce stellar photos of our clients. More than the quality of our photographs, we are committed to creating a stress-free overall experience during all shoots.

The Grow with Me Plan

The Grow with Me Plan is for parents who want to document their baby’s entire first year and need a consistent archive of their family’s story. The plan photographs your little angel’s most important milestones, from maternity to their first birthday.

All the photos can be compiled to create a beautiful First Year Album to show your baby’s growth and development!
For family portraits and cake smash photos, you don’t have to travel far and worry about bringing props. Sabrina will provide all outfits, decorations, and cake.

Clients love their photographs