Sabrina Baxter is an award-winning and published Houston photographer who provides clients with a luxury portrait experience in their own home or at a location chosen to fit your style. Her clients seek her services because she brings the photography studio to them.

From props, wardrobes, and backdrops to bringing her own experienced hair and makeup artist, Sabrina provides a custom and full-service experience for you and your family. Sabrina specializes in high-quality newborn photography, maternity photography, and cake smash photography.

She is also renowned for her comprehensive Grow With Me plans, which seamlessly document your baby’s first year. Sabrina delivers fine art to her clients who value her custom services. She is based in Houston, TX and available worldwide.


THE Photographer

Maternity, Family, and Baby Photographer in Houston

Capturing Memories with Photography Services

Photography is a very powerful medium. It can capture the beauty of a moment and preserve it for years to come. We all have memories we want to hold dear forever, but not everyone has the right skills and equipment to document the experience.

While there are plenty of Houston photographers out there, search no further than Sabrina Baxter Photography for an enjoyable and hassle-free photo shoot. Sabrina provides photography services for moms, babies, and families.

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is a time of intense joy. However, it can also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety.

Maternity photography helps commemorate this journey filled with ups and downs and reminds mothers-to-be of their beauty and strength. Professional baby photographer Sabrina will capture your story in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during this transformative period. 

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is an art form that captures the magic of a new life. Imagine your baby’s eyes closed, tiny fingers wrapped around yours, mouth open, and ready to smile or cry. These cute and innocent expressions will pass you by before you know it. That’s why it’s crucial to immortalize them through photography.

Family Photography

Family photography shows the unique bond between couples and their children. It’s all about creating authentic moments that let your love and connection shine. Whether you want outdoor sessions with candid and unposed shots or in-studio sessions that are more formal and styled, Sabrina has you covered.

Cake Smash Photography

photography sessions are usually held a month before the baby’s actual first birthday.
The sessions are focused on capturing the fun and delight your baby is having while playing with or eating cake. It can get messy, but it’s a charming and endearing experience filled with laughter.

"Sabrina knows what she is doing!! She is kind, she is focused, she is creative, and oh so talented. I enjoyed the whole process. She is so organized and it makes it so much easier. I loved getting to choose the decor, outfit, and all the other specifics about the shoot. I loved her idea for the Pinterest board. That helped mend our ideas together for a beautiful outcome. She was so patient with the kids during the shoot and so quick to give us our final shots. It was so easy!! The final results were more than I expected. The way she captured all of my son's expressions, his curiosity for the cake, and of course all his little rolls was perfection. I had seen her photos from a friend's session, so I was absolutely positive she was the right one for the job. The experience was excellent and she is soooo sweet!! And of course so organized and professional that she can do this with her eyes closed."

"Sabrina is the best baby photographer that I have met. She works really hard to deliver all your expectations in her camera. The cake smash session was of course the best part of the experience. Not only that we received beautiful and cutest photos of my son at 1 year old, but also we created a precious memory of setting the unique scene for the baby. It was all possible with Sabrina's hard work and wonderful skills. Sabrina was willing to take all our considerations, communicated frequently, and the final design turned out to be exactly what we wanted for the cake smash. We ordered The Signature Collection. The album was chic and modern as we wanted and we think it would be the best keepsake for our son. The print quality of the wall art are absolutely fine and beautiful."

"BOOK HER NOW!!!! She will NOT disappoint! She's so accommodating and truly works to get you exactly what you want! We will definitely be using her in the future! Sabrina prepares you very well for what to expect and the results couldn't have been more perfect! Sabrina was great with her during this shoot too and something as simple as bringing a wooden spoon for my daughter to eat the cake with because she did NOT want the icing touching her, just made for such sweet pictures and amazing memories. I can't say enough how stress free it is having a photographer come to YOU! Especially with a newborn but even still with a 1 year old, being in your own space truly makes the experience so enjoyable! The prints are GORGEOUS! It is on thick, high quality paper that I know is going to last forever!"

"Sabrina is an amazing photographer. Her attention to detail and creative vision is unparalleled. We loved working with her and would recommend her without hesitation. The set design went seamlessly and we are very happy with the final result. I loved the photo shoot itself, it was so fun to see Sabrina work and capture these amazing moments. We also love that it was in the comfort of our own home. She also made us comfortable in regards to safety during the pandemic by wearing a mask and thoroughly sanitizing."

"Sabrina created an amazing backdrop, was patient with the kids and their schedule, is easy to work with, and the final results are amazing! I liked being able to see choices for the set design on the Pinterest board. I was very happy with the final results and the experience was great. I loved that she came to the house with everything."



What Is Sabrina Baxter's Photography Style?

Sabrina Baxter is a Houston-based photographer known for her modern, timeless, and custom approach to capturing memories and pictures through her lens. She is dedicated to taking unique photos, striving to produce bright, colorful images and full of life.

Her style can be described as a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, making her work suitable for a wide range of photography needs, from maternity portraits to cake smash photography.

What Types of Photography Services Does Sabrina Offer Besides Maternity Portraits?

Sabrina Baxter offers a comprehensive range of photography services to meet all your picture needs. She specializes in maternity photography, capturing the amazing unique bond and love between families in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Taking newborn photos is another area of her expertise. She is the best Houston baby photographer, focusing on capturing newborns' delicate beauty and innocence in their first few days of life.

Sabrina also provides cake smash photography, which is the perfect way to celebrate your baby's first birthday.

Does Sabrina Offer Outdoor or Studio Shoots for Newborn Photos?

Sabrina can accommodate outdoor, in-home, and studio shoots to suit clients' needs and preferences. Outdoor photos are perfect for capturing nature's and the city's beauty, while studio shoots offer a controlled environment for a more polished and sophisticated look.

She will work with your family to choose the perfect photography locations that best fit your desired aesthetic and vision, whether it be a park, beach, or her private studio setup in the comfort of your home.

What Is Sabrina's Approach to Editing and Retouching?

Sabrina has a keen eye for detail and a natural approach to editing, making her the best Houston maternity photographer, focusing on enhancing the beauty of the pictures rather than altering them dramatically.

She uses advanced editing techniques to bring out each image's best while maintaining a natural look, making you feel comfortable.
Essential retouching services are also available to remove any distracting elements or blemishes, ensuring that the final photos are flawless and ready to be treasured for a lifetime.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Photography Session with Sabrina?

Sabrina is a sought-after Houston photographer and often books several months in advance. To ensure availability and allow plenty of time to customize your session, booking your photography session as soon as possible is recommended.

She is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and will work with you to find a date and time that suits your schedule. Contact Sabrina today to check for availability and to schedule your photography session.

How Do I View and Receive My Final Images After the Photography Session with Sabrina Baxter?

After the photography session, Sabrina will carefully edit and retouch the pictures to ensure they are ready to be viewed and shared at their best. Clients will view their final pictures at an in-home design appointment after their session.

Sabrina offers a variety of high-quality print products, including heirloom albums and wall art, to help clients preserve and display their memories in a beautiful and meaningful way that they can cherish forever.