Hello, I'm Sabrina

Hello, I'm Sabrina

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More About Me »

Behind the LENS

I'm both a cat and dog person. I provide El Gato Cat Cafe photos of their adoptable cats in exchange for kitty love.

Cooking is one of my all time favorite things.

I used to have trouble choosing between cookie dough or cookies and cream ice cream, but then I discovered Blue Bell's Cookie Two Step.

I love the sound of the ocean, especially when I'm floating in it.

Life is better with puns. What do you call friends who share an Amazon account? 

I know what a peacock call sounds like and have searched for them all over Europe. Unfortunately, I do not how to replicate it and lure them to me.

I love red wine, but I drink more rosé during the summertime.

I adore Audrey Hepburn and wish I could say I was named after her 1954 film "Sabrina".

I'm absolutely obsessed with flea markets, partially because I loved I Spy books when I was growing up.