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Why Work with Sabrina Baxter Photography

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life. It's a time of new beginnings, hope, and possibility. And it's a time when your body changes in ways you never thought possible. Working with a photographer you trust to see you at your most vulnerable is important during such a sensitive period.

Sabrina ensures that you feel secure and confident throughout the session. She conducts herself with the highest level of professionalism and treats clients with respect and compassion. Her portfolio speaks for itself; rest assured that you will get remarkable results.

The Grow with Me Plan

This plan captures all the stages of your baby’s growth and development—from maternity to one year. Grow with Me shows the beauty (and struggle) of raising a newborn. It is always touching to see how a baby changes over time.

Maternity photography is a way to document and celebrate the changes that a woman’s body goes through during this stage in her life. While pregnancy is a beautiful time, it can also be difficult, and many women feel self-conscious about their bodies.

Maternity photos are incredibly meaningful and remind mothers-to-be of their resilience and the beautiful miracle they will bring into the world. Many parents enjoy looking back at photos of their pregnant bellies, and it can be fun to share these photos with your child once they're older.

Maternity Photography Sessions

A great maternity photographer captures a mother's sense of wonder, excitement, and anticipation as she looks at her growing belly with pride.

Sabrina Baxter Photography provides full-service maternity photography in Houston, Texas, and beyond. Sabrina strives to create heartwarming and stunning family heirlooms encapsulating a mother's pregnancy journey.

In-Studio Sessions

We understand that pregnancy can take a toll on our clients physically, so we can do the photoshoot in the studio where everything we need is already accessible. An experienced photographer guides all sessions to ensure that you are comfortable and safe.

Bare Belly Sessions

These photos often feature the expectant mother proudly displaying her belly, which has been growing larger throughout her pregnancy. These types of shoots can help to build self-confidence. Pregnancy can be difficult for many women, and baring one's belly can be an act of defiance against the negative body image that often accompanies pregnancy.

Outdoor Sessions 

For moms who want to add a sense of adventure to their maternity shoots, we can do the sessions outdoors. Whether you wish to do posed or candid shots, Sabrina Baxter Photography can bring out that elegance, beauty, and curious spirit in you. We will use the picturesque scenery of the outdoors to our advantage to create something whimsical and breathtaking.



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